Flying Kitchen: food and drinks

Meeting point of every kind of sportsmen, our kitchen is ready to feed you since the opening time until 11pm: typical dishes from alpine tradition or  pub stuffs, sandwiches, crèpes, french fries… anything you want, served with a good beer or with a wine of ours!Chnéfflene bleu cip noci

Hot dishes

Some of our dishes are a real distinguishing mark, and you can find them in the menu almost everytime: our pork shank cooked in the owen with beer has often been copied, but nobody makes it like us!

Anyway, in order to use local and fresh products, you may find some differences between summer menu and winter menu.

From late november to the end of february we’ll invite you to taste the typical Valle d’Aosta soup, with cabbages, bread and Fontina cheese, while in summertime you can enjoy our local gnocchi (called Chéfflene) with fresh vegetables sauces.

The Beers

Bottles or draught beer? Whatever you prefer, in Brasserie you can always find the right one. And from winter more CO2! Less gas in your stomach = more space for the beer! A new system allow us to keep beer always fresh and to respect the planet with recyclable PET keg.

spillatriceTucher Ubersee– classic German lager from Norimberg. (5,3% alcohol)

Grimbergen Double – red double malt beer (6,5% alcohol). Produced with the ancient Belgian abbey style, it’s served in its typical cups.

Grimbergen – white beer from Belgium. Cousin of the more famous German weissbeer, its typical flavour and its “presence” on your tongue will definetly convince you: with 6% alcohol it’s Giulia’s favourite beer!

Guinness – a beer that doesn’t need a long presentations: Patrick’s passion, with its typical foam and dark colour, it’s one of ours distinctive characters!


For those who like finding their favourite beer all around the world, we also have a selection of “big classics”: Menabrea, Leffe and “meditation” beer: Orval, Chimay (red, blue, white), Urbock or special Leffe. But also local beers with small productions, both from Aosta Valley and near Piemonte!


Is there anything in the world better than a good glass of Italian wine during a dinner, or waiting for the sunset with your friends having an appetizer?

In thw wine list you can find Normal bottles (0,75), small bottles (0,375) or just a glass: in our selection we chose to give more importance to the wines from Valle d’Aosta, without forgetting some alternatives among the most interesting names from other regions like Piedmont, Tuscany or Veneto.

Come and have a look of our list: more than 20 kinds of wine are waiting for you!