Flying Brasserie’s World: friends and events

The Flying Brasserie is not only a pub in a mountain village, but is THE meeting point of every kind of sportsmen: climbers, skiers, bikers and alpinists are the satellites of our galaxy, not simple clients, but people with whom we share passions and experiences. Come in the evening to find news about the conditions of the itinerary that you chose for the day after, you can always get advices and meet Alpine Guides. Climbing books, trekking maps, ice climbing   notes and freeride guides are available in our library corner!

During last years our work is turning more and more to the kitchen side: so don’t forget to book a table if you want to be sure to find a place for dinner or lunch!  +39.0125.355.969

The Flying Brasserie is also partner of several parties and events: find out in our facebook page all the news about Flying Brasserie’s world!

flying brasserie friends pic

“PRESS” CORNER: they talked about us…
  • Our telemarker friends from Chamonix
  • Our skiers frinds from Finland
  • Our English ice climbers “amigos”
  • Our French Alpine Guide friends
  • Our friends of SkiTeam Weissmatten
  • Our Romanian friends from Armada and Dynastar
  • Our friends from North Face (no pain, no gain, no stinco)
  • The administrative court of Aosta, when we won against imposed timetable
  • Our friends all over the world, when we came and asked for a place on the sofa
  • Antoine and Silver, waking up with a headache
  • Paoletta, at 1am at Salati Col (…!)